Socializing Lily

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Part 2 – Learning new behaviors

Day 7 – Meeting Paddington

Paddington is a very docile dog and good practice for Lily. So Lily is introduced to Paddington and her excitement level is beyond what Paddy will tolerate. But once he realizes he knows Lily’s owner, he becomes more excited and more curious. They did a great job smelling each other but Paddington immediately gives the cues he’s not playful as Lily. Still she is ready to pounce and be playful. Paddington didn’t want to give her the time of day. He would growl when she would sniff him, and when she tried to run and play he ignored her entirely. Lily is not understanding when dogs don’t want to play, they will growl, or show signs with mouth, body or showing teeth which is what Paddington did, but Lily still wanted to pounce and play. Paddington gives me dirty looks the rest of the evening, of course.

Day 13 – Lily’s first real correction

At this point, Lily and Mojo have met each other a few times and Lily still hasn’t figured out that Mojo isn’t going to play with her. Today, Mojo and I went to meet Nikki and Lily, and Lily greeted Mojo. However, when she was greeting Mojo, her leash got tangled around Mojo’s leash. Mojo is trying to correct her as the leash gets tangled. Nikki drops the leash and Dan hops in to break them apart, meanwhile I’m still holding Mojo close on the leash.

Lily isn’t getting Mojo doesn’t want to play, and they each get on their back legs and start growling at each other. Even though we have a little tussle, Mojo showed he was the alpha dog and scared Lily. Even though this sounds awful, Mojo put Lily in her place, which is exactly what she needed.

Of course we are worried this could have escalated into a fight and we’re happy it didn’t. That is why we each needed to keep control of our dog. Once we separate them, Mojo immediately sits next to me. Lily goes back to her lying position, learning her lesson.

Later, David walked Lily as I was talking with Nikki and we were curious how Lily would greet Mojo again. This time, when Lily came back, she didn’t even acknowledge Mojo’s presence. She completely ignored him. Now this is a dog who seems to just want to play when she sees another dog and doesn’t care about a treat or noise. Lily has shown she learned her lesson from Mojo. We are hoping she still remembers the next time she sees him, and we’ll make sure that happens soon. In conclusion, it’s important for a dog to be corrected by another dog to learn socialization.

Day 15 – Did Lily learn her lesson?

We want to be sure that Lily learned her lesson. So today, Mojo and I will walk and greet Lily and Nikki, and this time, when we greeted them, Lily just ignored Mojo. We both acknowledged each other’s dog and wanted Mojo and Lily to acknowledge each other. They did a quick smell, and Lily quickly just moved on. So then we did a nice long walk together, and not once did Lily pounce on Mojo; however, she was okay with being next to him. Lily still acknowledged other dogs doing her same routine by going in a down position and ready to pounce. But with Mojo, she has officially learned he doesn’t like that kind of play. Mojo taught Lily what he would accept and not accept and Lily learned her lesson. Next stop, Paw-some Dog daycare for Lily!

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