Owner of Paw-some Dog

A Letter from Julia Abraham

I’m Julia Abraham, owner of Paw-some Dog daycare and dog boarding located in West Los Angeles. I speak “dog” fluently and intuitively understand a dog’s behavior, having vast expertise in a variety of dog breeds. I love dogs, and I treat them all just like my own.

Dogs aren’t just an animal—they’re our best friends, children, and members of the family. My dog Mojo found me just before I moved to California. He was a stray puppy, and the rest is history. While working at Petsmart and pursuing my bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University with a focus in business and communication, I found my passion. In 2011, I moved to Los Angeles and in 2018, I acquired Paw-some Dog daycare and dog boarding facility.

I know how important your dog is to you and how hard it is to find a place where you feel comfortable leaving your dog for just the day or overnight. The first time I left my dog Mojo overnight, I cried while walking to the car because it was my first night without him. As owners, we feel every joy and every pain our dog feels. While working with and studying dogs, I have truly felt both the joy and the pain from each animal. I love to find your dog’s favorite place to get scratched, and I have felt my dog miss home. To make the separation easier, I take tons of pictures and share them on social media.

Our goal at Paw-some Dog is to provide you with the technology to watch your dogs while you are away. There are web cameras on the play floors so you’re able to see them all day. Nothing gives you peace of mind like being able to see your dogs enjoying themselves at Paw-some Dog. It’s always fun to see who they’re friends with, and it’s a nice break to watch happy puppies in just a few clicks.

We are unique at Paw-some Dog in that we want to get to know both you and your dog. We ask you hard questions enabling us to get to know your dog’s personality so they can be successful with us. I invite you to take a look in our front lobby to see through the glass window where your dog will be playing. I encourage you to tell us everything about your dog so we can work together to make everyone’s experience enjoyable.

When your dog stays with Paw-some Dog, it’s not just another dog—it’s a family member. We are going to love and cherish your dog with just as much care as they get at home.


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