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Best Boarding for Dogs Near You

The best boarding for dogs near you, located in West Los Angeles, trust in Pawsome-Dog to care for your pooch for short or long extended times when you are away. We know how hard it is to leave your pup when you are called away on business or when you have a family trip planned and you can’t take your dog with you. Leaving your dog in someone else’s care is not easy…we know! Featuring generous amenities for your dog’s comfort including a cage-free boarding environment, your dog will run and romp around freely, feeling right at home.

Dog Boarding Amenities

TLC – and Lots of It
Comfortable Shared Rooms
Private Rooms
Comfortable Beds & Bedding
Same Room Supervisor
Friendly Staff Member
Temperature Controlled
Immediate Clean-Up
Pictures of Your Pooch
The best boarding for dogs near you, we offer a cage-free environment. Giving dogs the opportunity to feel at home, cage-free boarding reinforces self-esteem, a sense of belonging, and helps dogs create bonds with other dogs. Cages are not only boring but can make your dog feel lonely, anxious, and can cause depression.

Paw-some Dog cage-free dog boarding in West Los Angeles offers tender, loving care and lots of playtimes, at no extra charge unlike some of our competitors. While your dog visits with us, they will enjoy being part of the cage-free day-care pack. Paw-some Dog provides a healthy and sociable environment that dogs thrive on. Your pooch will have a fun and secure environment filled with hugs and kisses. We just can’t stop ourselves from loving your dog!

Dog Walks

Dog Walks

While at daycare, treat your dog to a private walk! Our staff members will take your dog outside for a twenty to thirty-minute walk, double-leashed for extra safety. We take into account a dog’s best interest like the weather or external factors when scheduling the walks.

Dog Agility Workout

Dog Agility Workout

A one-on-one 30-minute dog agility session, in our newly-renovated gym, is a great way to burn off excess energy. This private session will exert your dog in a healthy way through a play course and then rewarded with treats. Please note: this is not an agility training course.

Boarding Fees for Dogs

Introductory Session Required for all dogs — Free 2-4 hour Temperament test.

Small Dog


Large Dog


Note only 1 discount applies.
Multiple Dog Discount—10% Off (discount applies only to 1st /smaller dog)
Dog Boarding for 10 nights – 10% Off
Dog Boarding for 1+ Months or more – 15% Off (monthly billing cycle)

Add-on Boarding Options

Dog Walking Services

One 20-Minute Walk


3 Walk Package (20 mins each)


Pick up & Drop off

Early Drop Off/ Early Hour Dog Pick Up


After Hours Dog Pick Up


Agility Workout

One 20 to a 30-minute session



Paw-some Dog Food

$6 /day

(lunch not included for boarding/daycare)

* Price per night. No daycare charge for dog pick-ups within the first two hours of opening

**The best boarding for dogs near you, Pawsome-Dog is unlike other dog boarding facilities. We don’t charge for a snuggle or playtime. We cannot stop ourselves from loving your dog! While your dog is in our care, your dog will always interact with our cage-free daycare pack during the day. We never charge you extra for them to play with their friends as other dog boarding facilities do!!**

Happy Customers


My dog has never had a better time at a day care! I love that they do report cards and the staff is super friendly. Prices are fair and it's definitely a safe and welcoming environment for both humans and canines alike.

Haylee S.

Our new addition to the family has been going to Paw-Some Dog daycare for several months and he really enjoys it. They staff at Paw-Some Dog ensures that all the dogs are safe and well taken care off. Also, they have a video cam that you can log into and we love seeing our Denver play with all of his other doggy friends throughout the day. We are very happy customers and you will be too.

Allen B.

Our 4 month old pup LOVES it here! They introduced her to the other dogs safely and send us updates throughout the day. She is happy to go there and play with her friends. We can look in on her having fun with the cameras they have going live in the playrooms on their website. Thank you so much for the amazing care you give to our puppy. We so appreciate it!

Melinda S.

I love that this place has a trial session. I could tell since that day that Julia is very professional but most importantly that she loves what she does. I had an early drop-off and had no issues whatsoever and also was able to monitor my pup through the cameras.

Kenia P.

Julia and her team are the best! I travel often, so their 24-hour service is ideal for my crazy flight times. I highly recommend this crew.

Christine F.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Paw-Some Dog! Very impressed with the process. Julia is amazing…and the live feed is a great service. This place is just simply the best!

Laura G.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I have to book a dog daycare or dog boarding appointment?

Paw-some Dog does not require a reservation for dog daycare or dog boarding. We understand times can be uncertain and we want you to feel free to drop off your dog at its home away from home. The only time we do ask for advance notice is during the holiday season so we can have a proper dog to handler ratio.

What kind of dog activities do you plan?

Our staff is very active with visiting dogs. Although we keep dogs happy with daily activities and lots of love, dogs are also happy playing with each other. If there is a specific activity your dog enjoys, please feel free to let us know and we can assess if we can accommodate that activity.

How often are dogs taken outside to relieve themselves?

Dogs are not let outside to defecate unless the pet owner would like to add a walk onto their service. Since the smell of other dogs is in the facility, dogs usually feel very comfortable going to the bathroom and don’t break any habits at home. Pet waste inside or outside our facility is quickly cleaned and sanitized by our staff so that all pets are comfortable. Before entering our dog daycare and dog boarding, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire regarding your dog’s schedule and habits so that we can work with your dog needs to make him/her feel comfortable.

What dog vaccinations do you require if any?

We require the following dog vaccinations to enter our dog daycare and dog boarding facility: DHPP which is a combination vaccine that helps prevent four different viruses in dogs: canine distemper, infectious hepatitis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus, Bordetella and Rabies. Medical records of these vaccinations are required at the time of your dog’s first day of service. We ask customers to make sure their dog’s vaccinations are up to date before booking an appointment with Paw-some Dog.

What kind of dog training or certifications does your staff hone?

Our staff are trained in dog behavior with many years of experience. We only hire dog friendly staff, interviewing each person to make sure they are a right fit for Paw-some Dog. Many staff members have been employed for many years. We love getting to know you and your dog so you feel comfortable with us.

Will you feed my dog his/her regular food?

When your dog is boarding with us, we ask you to provide your own dog food. A change of food can make a dog’s stomach upset, therefore we try to keep everything normalized for the dog. Each dog is fed separately and when checking in, we ask you to fill out detailed feeding instructions for our staff to follow. We also have a freezer, fridge, microwave and hot water if your dog’s food needs that. We feed dogs twice a day but are happy to accommodate lunch if your dog needs the extra feeding.

What boarding and daycare for special needs dogs do you have in place?

Each dog is unique. Because we are a cage-free environment, we ask you to give us a call at (424) 293-0312 so we can discuss your dog’s needs.

Can I tour Paw-some Dog’s facility?

We are dog friendly and we invite our customers to drop by unannounced should that make them feel comfortable. However, depending on how busy the facility is, we may not be able to accommodate an impromptu visit. We have a nice big window in our lobby so you can watch your dog play.

How long can I board my dog?

Paw-some Dog does not impose a minimum or maximum for dog boarding. We are happy to house your dog in our home and you can rest assured he/she will be well cared for. Your dog will receive lots of love and be fully entertained to ease any anxiety he/she may manifest. Our doggie cams, strategically placed throughout, as well as daily communication from staff, will keep you abreast to your dog’s daily well-being. We ask you to keep a credit card on file with us in the event of an emergency and need to take your dog to a vet.


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