Can Dogs Understand Us?

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Many folks ask, “Can dogs understand us?” Our answer unequivocally is yes, yes they can. Our pets support us consistently in our ordinary lives, although many people don’t realize it. We talk to them. They know us. And at times, they save us. Our pets know us just as much as we know them. In an article from Scientific Report, the research conducted suggests our dogs can decide between our positive and negative emotional states.

Can dogs understand us? Well, besides verbal communication, we communicate with our dogs with non-verbal cues. Dogs study the right side of our faces, so they can tell our emotions, to study our mood. It may sound weird, but our dogs’ study us often. For example, your dog probably knows how to rouse you up in the morning. My dog repeatedly bumps my elbow when he wants to go upstairs and I am ignoring him.

No matter what is going on in our lives, our dog is always excited to see us. Each day is a new day and the way the dog sees it, it’s brand new and nothing else matters. No judgment is passed. It doesn’t matter how you look, what you watch, or how you listen, a dog’s mission in life is the pure enjoyment of being in your presence. I think that’s where their love is based. We can count on our pets for simple things humans may not notice.

Medical alert service dogs are specifically trained to support their handler with simple and yet specific tasks. For sight, sound, diabetes, seizures, new technologies like specialty buttons have been developed for dogs to call 911 when they know help is required. With their ability to sense even the slightest cues, such as when a person is about to have a seizure, a dog could help even more than a human can. Although a dog’s nose is impressive, we also rely on them for sight, sound and touch.

Based on years of research and the domestication of dogs for over 30,000 years, I think it is a sure bet to say dogs can understand us. Therefore the next time Fido places his head on your lap, he is saying “I am here for you. Cheer up, it will all work out.” Stroke his head. It will make you and him feel better.

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